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elinda's Haunted woods is based upon the true haunting legend of Melinda of Reisterstown – who was murdered in the early 1800s.   Melinda was killed by an angry lynch mob.   The townspeople deemed Melinda a WITCH!…and burned her at the stake.   As Melinda was on fire, she vowed to "put a curse on all of the townspeople of Reisterstown ", and swore that she would come back and get revenge on ALL of them.   The people were so scared that they cut her scorched body in half and gave her upper body to a farmer who lived quite a distance away on Bonita Avenue in Owings Mills.   The bottom half is burried here at Melinda's Haunted Woods.…

All proceeds go to help save lives of cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.

This haunted attraction is recommended for ages 10+.   NOT recommended for people with heart issues or pregnant women.   Due to the outdoor nature of our event, please dress appropriately.  No open-toed shoes or flip-flops.   Please wear old shoes or boots, especially in the rain or after a rain storm.

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* If you are interested in volunteering as an actor or actress, or would like to help make props for this event, give Melinda a call .  It's a LOT of fun …and for a GREAT cause!